Breast Surgery Options For Patients With Breast Cancer

Dr. Howard Liss treats disorders that cause pain and disability by providing consultative services and soft tissue and joint injections when needed. When medically appropriate, he makes specific referrals for diagnostic testing (lab work, imaging, electrodiagnosis), physical and occupational therapy, interventional procedures (epidurals and facet joint injections), and surgery.

Englewood NK PhysiatristAt Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute, we treat patients who have undergone breast surgery of any type. We offer comprehensive, interventional rehabilitation that concentrates on the needs of women after breast surgery.

There are three common breast surgeries that women undergo who suffer from cancer. The type of surgery that you choose is dependent upon many factors such as:

  • The size of your breasts
  • The scope of your cancer
  • Where your cancer is located in your breast
  • Your opinion about the appearance of your breast
  • Your doctor’s recommendation


This is a surgery that removes your entire breast. Your surgeon removes your breast tissue (along with the nipple and skin) and the tissues surrounding your chest muscles. Typically your muscles of your chest wall remain in tact.


This surgery (also referred to as an excision) removes only the area of cancer in your breast. This surgery conserves your breast. Your cancer and a border of healthy tissue all around it are removed and healthy tissue is left behind as much as possible.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

After breast surgery, you may desire breast reconstruction. Your surgeon creates a new desired breast profile for you. This surgery may happen during the mastectomy or lumpectomy (immediate reconstruction), or at a later time (delayed reconstruction).

If you have undergone elective or reconstructive breast surgery, contact the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute today. Women who undergo these surgeries typically experience a certain level of pain or impaired mobility and require a rehabilitation plan to ensure the most optimal outcome.

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