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Benefits Of Exercise During Your Pregnancy

The benefits of exercise are numerous during every age and stage of life, pregnancy included. The important thing to consider is which exercise is best for you during your pregnancy. The impression may be that during pregnancy you need to take it easy and rest. The contrary is true. There are many benefits for mothers-to-be when they exercise. Generally speaking, pregnant women who engage in exercise have healthier pregnancies than those who do not.


Keeping your weight gain within appropriate limits can be challenging during pregnancy. Weight gain is normal and expected during your pregnancy, but too much weight gain can cause other problems.


Preeclampsia is a condition that happens to pregnant women whose placenta develops abnormally and high pressure and high levels of protein in the urine typically accompany it. Staying in good physical shape before and during your pregnancy is important. Exercise will help reduce inflammation and stress.


Being physically fit has positive benefits for a better delivery of your baby. Your endurance, strength and labor will benefit.

Back Pain

Swelling and back pain are two of the biggest complaints of pregnancy. If you exercise, these conditions may improve. Dr. Howard Liss treats disorders pregnancy-related pain (including back pain. He consults with a team of medical professionals that will help guide you in selective exercises.

You can rely on Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute to put together the right treatment, therapy and rehabilitation plan to ensure the most optimal outcome for your pregnancy. Dr. Liss works closely with other specialists required to rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic pain or serious injuries. He will refer you as needed to ensure appropriate treatment for you.

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