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Rehabilitation and recovery require many facets to achieve the best results. At the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute in Tenafly, we work with our patients to overcome a wide variety of injuries and disorders to improve their mobility and quality of life. One of the areas instrumental in rehabilitation is effective physical therapy, which we offer at our Tenafly location as part of our treatment plans for our patients.

Physical therapy is a crucial element in regaining function and mobility for a variety of medical concerns. When combined with other treatments we offer at our institute, physical therapy can help manage pain, improve flexibility, enhance mobility and speed recovery. We work with a team of licensed physical therapists that can offer our patients in Tenafly convenient care to improve their rehabilitation in tandem with treatments offered by Dr. Liss and our medical team.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Treating back, spine, orthopedic injuries and other maladies is only one side of the coin in rehabilitation. Physical therapy is designed to help the body recover strength, flexibility and mobility that may have been lost or is needed to prevent further issues. The physical therapy group we work with at our Tenafly location can create a customized therapy plan to improve recovery for our patients, working closely with our medical team to achieve the best results for our patients. Some therapy options that can be used include:

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Massage
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Neurological therapy to improve balance and mobility
  • Injury and post-surgical rehabilitation

At the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute in Tenafly, our mission is to offer innovative and effective options for our patients to regain a higher quality of life. Our medical professionals work closely with our physical therapy partners at our facility to create treatment plans that will give our patients the quickest and most effective options for overcoming their chronic pain, injury or medical disorder. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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