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Fort Lee Physiatrist Dr. Howard Liss

Dr. Howard Liss treats disorders that cause pain and disability by providing consultative services and soft tissue and joint injections when needed. When medically appropriate, he makes specific referrals for diagnostic testing (lab work, imaging, electrodiagnosis), physical and occupational therapy, interventional procedures (epidurals and facet joint injections), and surgery.

A physiatrist is qualified in multiple areas of health and wellness, providing patients with much more comprehensive treatment options. Dr. Howard Liss works closely with other medical professionals to ensure that his patients enjoy the most beneficial treatments available. By building a medical and lifestyle profile on each patient, Dr. Liss can provide or recommend the treatments that will most aid your healing and rehabilitation.

Pain Management and Rehabilitation Services

If you do not manage your pain it will greatly hinder the healing process. Pain has a negative effect on both the emotional and the physical well-being. In fact, many physical conditions are a secondary result of pain originating in another area of the body. Dr. Howard Liss provides pain management and rehabilitation services which aim to identify the source of pain and provide relief.

Ice and heat therapy used in an effective well-thought-out manner can often be all that is needed to reduce pain and inflammation. Exercise is another useful tool for managing pain and promoting rehabilitation. Other treatments such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation will provide pain relief to allow patients a better range of movement during rehabilitative treatments. When your treatment is complete you will have a better understanding of how to stay on the path of healing and wellness.

You can contact Dr. Howard Liss at his Fort Lee, New Jersey, office to arrange a consultation. Dr. Liss provides a range of medical and wellness services that are ideal for chronic pain management, degenerative conditions, and both post- and pre-surgical rehabilitation.

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