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Physiatrist – Pain Management and Rehabilitation

As a medical doctor with a specialty in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), a physiatrist’s expertise extends across a number of disciplines. This leads them to treat a wide variety of medical conditions that affect the spine, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, spinal cord, and brain. Physiatrists obtain continued training and exposure regarding multiple disorders/diseases, new technologies and emerging trends in health care rehabilitation. They are well positioned to identify, propose and develop effective treatment modalities that manage pain and maximize a patient’s level of functioning.

Through working closely with a team of medical professionals including physical and occupational therapists, clinicians and other interventionists, physiatrists center on conservative pain management and rehabilitation that empowers patients in their recovery or disability.

With particular areas of focus in neuro-rehabilitation, pain medicine, musculoskeletal care, sports-related injuries, post-operative care and pediatric functional disorders, physiatrists establish treatments that consider the physiological and psychological well-being of patients. Some conditions include spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory myopathies, back pain, joint dysfunction, tendonitis, epicondylitis, stress fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff pathology and concussion.

Physiatrists also provide post-operative pain management and rehabilitation. They also design specific protocols for those having received organ transplantations, joint replacements, amputations and assistive cardiac devices. In turn, specialized pediatric rehabilitation is advised for patients with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome.

Serving New Jersey and New York
Patients since 1986

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Howard Liss, MD is the winner of the 2018 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "Distinguished Clinician Award"

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New York Best Doctors
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Dr. Howard Liss has proudly received many awards throughout his career.

In recent years, as a solo practitioner (who does not work for a medical university, community hospital, or large corporate practice), it is particularly challenging to be recognized by peers who then vote to grant an award.

In 2018, Dr. Liss received the Distinguished Clinician's Award from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This award is bestowed upon only 3 physiatrists in the nation each year. The physicians who receive this award are usually members of university rehabilitation departments.

Dr. Liss has received the Castle Connolly "New York's Best Doctor Award" for several years running. In addition he has received NJ Top Doctors and Bergen County Top Doctors Awards every year for several years.

All of the above awards have been received as a result of votes by peers.

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation American Medical Association Association of Academic Physiatrists NASS American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Top Doctors of 2020 Bergen County Top Doctors NJ Top Docs

Why Choose a Physiatrist?

A number of conditions can lead to damaged muscles, bones, connective tissues and surrounding organs in the body. They can dramatically affect an individual’s quality of life. Whether an injury has resulted in sudden, acute pain or has led to an ongoing, chronic condition, patients benefit from the comprehensive and functional approach taken by physiatrists.

While physiatrists value medication and steroid injections for addressing pain and inflammation, they combine tried and true therapies that are nonsurgical. Ice and heat therapy, exercise, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are a few of the therapies. While some physicians quickly resort to surgery, physiatrists take a panoramic view, considering a patient’s past and present health condition, lifestyle and future goals. Treatment is then customized to steer the patient in the right direction in regard to relieving pain, improving function and advancing their quality of life. Physiatrists understand the connection between physical and mental health, so patient education and counseling are also important components of treatment. For instance, as therapy continues, patients learn about lifestyle and body mechanics, posture, exercises for injury, bone loss prevention and overcoming setbacks. This is while receiving support socially, vocationally and emotionally.

In relation to many conditions, physiatrists have become the intersection among numerous specialties, providing invaluable knowledge, recommendations, treatment and rehabilitation as it relates to multiple diseases, disorders and injuries. Along with their team of medical professionals, physiatrists maintain an emphasis on overall wellness and quality of life.

Located in Tenafly, New Jersey, we serve a larger area for patients that are experiencing acute or chronic pain and disability.

Contact the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute to schedule a consultation for you or a family member with Dr. Liss.


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He has been selected annually from at least 2017.
Current-year's recognition will be displayed at the bottom of his Top Doctor profile, along with any Top Doctor features and prior years' recognitions received.

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